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CNC Precision Double Vise
Double CNC Precision Vise

The HDL-series Double CNC Precision Vise increases the workholding capacity of CNC Machining Centers by holding 2 pieces in each vise. The design is also compact allowing several vises to be fitted to the work table. The vise can hold 2 workpieces of different sizes. The maximum opening difference is 70 mm. Center jaw of the HDL-series Double CNC Precision Vise may be removed to hold the larger workpieces. Once the centering jaw is removed the vise is self-centering.
The special Spring Device of the HDL-series Double CNC Precision Vise allows an extra tolerance of up to 5 mm in workpiece size enabling quick positioning and clamping. The tolerance of workpiece of more than 5 mm can be adjustable by a special screw. The standard accessories include: Alignment Wedges, and Clamps.

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