We did it again! A happy Canadian fellow customer ordered a second batch! 

An ISO30 compensating tapping holder with quick change function.


Protection plugs special for MAZAK.

Don't let scum into your machine! Order plugs from us!


Turning heads with Canadian precision! These custom-made turning holders for Cincinnati Hawk-150 are ready to take on any challenge!


Canadian craftsmanship at its finest! These custom made boring bar holders are anything but boring!




Did you know that we can make collets with a bore of any shape and size? These ones have a custom rectangular bore!


Salut to Quebec! Our customer enjoys 24 units for TAKAMATSU XW150.

OKUMA VDI50 Boring Bar Holders

A New Year – the new heights!

A set of 5 marvelous boring bar holders for OKUMA. VDI50, 15 kg each. You saw it with your own eyes: boring bars can be exciting!

Boring Bar Holder 4 inch split anti-vibration

This boring bar holder is the star of our collection.
Custom made anti-vibration split 4" ID oversized beast of 140 lb made for a VDI50 turret.
How is this possible? Well, we have our secrets...

VDI50 Axial offset head

One of a kind! Well, you are right, two of a kind... Custom made VDI50 axial offset heads  by order of a large manufacturer in MD, USA to fit the Duplomatic turret. 

And these offest heads are coolant through spindle!

Universal live tooling for Biglia Recently completed project for customer in CA, USA. Two fantastic universally adjustable live heads for Biglia style machine.
ISO30 compensating tapping  chuck.jpg Custom project for a customer in Alberta, Canada.
The customer's requirement was to make a compensating tapping holder with ISO30 taper without slots.
We made this special ISO30 taper and went beyond the customer's expectation providing compensation chuck with quick change function.
Total 8 units were made.
Custom made U-drill 90 degree live BMT75 heads Inch size ID side lock and coolant through spindle (CTS) were built for customer in Iowa, USA
Two heads were made in 30 days lead time.
Customer in Vietnam ordered exotic radial live heads for MURATEC CNC lathe. The special requirement was that the heads must have had short collet chuck projection to gain some extra space in the cutting area for the customer's special application.
The lead time was 60 days to make 3 heads.
Custom made concentric wedges were made for a company in NY, USA
Swiss type collets Needless to say that our Swiss type collets are all made as custom orders. Carbide, hex, square, grooved bores are available.
BMT85 Split boring bar holder

This chunky boy (BMT85, 22 kg) was made for a Norway company. The boring bar holder features split design and increased length for anti vibration properties.


HSK100A Grinding wheel arbor

HSK100A grinding wheel arbor custom made for a large manufacturer in Missisauga, Ontario, Canada. 

Three units were made in 45 days.

The arbor is balanced for RPM 15000.

Citizen KSC-310-II

Swiss made by PCM to our order a fancy KSC-310-II triple ER16 head for Citizen L series machine. 

We hope our customer will enjoy the Swiss quality and very reasonable price we can provide for this sophisticated tool.


Look at the picture. Seems to be nothing special. However, these four BMT65 radial heads have ER40 collet chuck and internal coolant - coolant through spindle. We made them by the order from a company in Colorado, USA.