Custom project for a customer in Alberta, Canada.
The customer's requirement was to make a compensating tapping holder with ISO30 taper without slots.
We made this special ISO30 taper and went beyond the customer's expectation providing compensation chuck with quick change function.
Total 8 units were made.
Custom made U-drill 90 degree live BMT75 heads Inch size ID side lock and coolant through spindle (CTS) were built for customer in Iowa, USA
Two heads were made in 30 days lead time.
Customer in South Asia ordered exotic radial live heads for MURATEC CNC lathe. The special requirement was that the heads must have had short collet chuck projection to gain some extra space in the cutting area for the customer's special application.
The lead time was 60 days to make 3 heads.
Custom made concentric wedges were made for a company in NY, USA