Angle Head Modular Type
Get the most out of your machining center with the powerful addition of Modular Type Angle Heads. They allow vertical, horizontal and angular operations without repositioning the workpiece, thus increasing both accuracy and productivity. Modular Type Angle Heads enhance your CNC machining center capability. Modular Type Angle Heads give you the results of a brand new machine for an incredibly cheaper price. And the reduced cost advantage of the Modular Type Angular Head gives you on top of this!

Modular Type Angle Heads, with a fixed 90 degree spindle angle, give a flexibility of horizontal operations on a vertical machine. They increase productivity while utilizing the original workpiece setup that improves accuracy and eliminates positioning errors of multiple setups. The compact design minimizes overhang, ads rigidity, increases the effective cutting area.

  • Up to 6000 RPM high speed cutting.
  • Compact and light body designs are suitable for drilling, milling, tapping applications.
  • Some can be automatic tool changed, which increases the productivity.
  • Adjustable cutting direction for select models 0 to 360 degree.
  • Combines horizontal and vertical operations in 1 setup.
  • Compact design assures rigidity and strength.
  • Wide range of tapers, lengths and designs.
  • Easy and precise setting of cutter directions.
  • Automatic Tool Change with stop block for select models.
  • Fixed 90 degree spindle with cutter head adjustable to a full 360 degree.
  • Superior quality Germany and Japan made core components.
  • Various adapters for multiple operations.


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Angle Head Modular Type
Angular Head Modular Type
Angular Head Modular AHD (A2/A4) type provides high precision and rigidity. Compact design of the angle head provides expanded cutting area.
The speed processing of the angular head's rotation is high to 4000 RPM that increases the machining efficiency. The body of the angle head was designed compactly to be the best tool for internal machining. The angular heads are installed on the ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) device, which enables autochange of tools, thus increasing productivity.

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