$ USD USD 40800
SKU L ØD Clamping range
Weight (kg)
SKP008437 75 53.5 6-20 3.9
SKP008438 80 53.5 6-20 4.3
SKP008439 135 4.7
SKP008440 90 72 6-32 4.2
SKP008441 120 4.8
SKP008442 105 72 6-32 5.3
SKP008443 135 4.2
SKP008444 165 5.0
SKP008445 115 87.5 6-42 5.9
The connection between the tool cutter and the holder has an O-ring and a dust proof cover. This design can prevent chips, dust, dirt and so on from getting into the holder. It also avoids fillings from damaging the part, and affecting product precision, thus assuring machining accuracy.

THS015289 BT40 POWER CHUCK EMC20N L=135 mm

THS015290 BT30 POWER CHUCK EMC20N L=75 mm

THS015298 BT40 POWER CHUCK EMC20N L= 80 mm

THS015301 BT40 POWER CHUCK EMC32N L=120 mm

THS015302 BT40 POWER CHUCK EMC32N L= 90 mm

THS015305 BT50 POWER CHUCK EM32N L=105 mm

THS015306 BT50 POWER CHUCK EM32N L=135 mm

THS015307 BT50 POWER CHUCK EM32N L=165 mm

THS015308 BT50 POWER CHUCK EM42N L=115 mm

Updated 202404

Tool holder machine interface: CNC MILLING SPINDLE turret, BT-50, TAPER, ANY